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Let honestech's Video Security 1.0 System keep a watchful eye on your office, house, pool or parking garage - truly, any place you want to monitor. It captures and saves every triggered event that occurs, even while you are away. Once recorded, surveillance videos are stored for later replay. In addition, advanced scheduling makes regular monitoring easy and automatic. You can predefine timed or motion-triggered surveillance events. honestech's Video Security 1.0 System even makes it possible to send out predefined E-mail alerts with surveillance recordings attached. This makes it possible for you to observe remotely whatever activity your camera captures. Feature : 1)Motion-triggered video surveillance 2)Timer-based video surveillance 3)Advanced scheduling 4)Automatic e-mail alerts of triggered events 5)Highly compressed MPEG video 6)Adjustable motion sensitivity "trip" settings 7. Current status can be viewed over the Internet (HTTP) in real-time. 8. The connection port can be changed for protection of private information. 9. The client page update time can be adjusted. 10. User?s web page address (remote surveillance address) can be recorded in the outgoing mails for ease of identification. Specifications : Video input: video source from PC camera Video compression: MPEG-1 Video data rate: 870 Kbps ~ 1.65 Mbps Audio input: audio source from microphone Audio compression: MPEG-1 Layer II Audio data rate: 32-384 Kbps

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